Serbian for foreigners

2. decembar 2019.


 rsDear Sir/Madam

The „Mondo“ language studio is continuing to organize course of  Serbian language.

If this could be of interest for you or anyone that you know here is some information about it.

Our premises are in Knez Mihailova 19.
The beginners language course is in English and will address persons who do not speak Serbian at all.

Classes wil be Tuesday/Thursday from 17.30-19h
It will be two evenings per week each 2×45 min. The groups consist of 3-7 persons and
 will be organized in accordance to your business schedule, mostly in the afternoon and evening hours.
The fee for participating is 8.500 dinars per month and the course A1.1 will last 3 months.

We will have a pause from the classes during Christmas and New Year’s holidays so that  no one loses classes during that time.

The intermediate course is for persons who have some previous knowledge of serbian language.

If there’s only two participants  the fee is than 10.500 dinars per month. (semi-individal classes)
We can also provide you individual classes (2000 dinars – 60 minutes) and advanced Serbian course

If this has caught your interest please feel free to contact us for further information..

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